Paper / Thread Lampshades

Bring a difference to the ambience of your living spaces with these Lights and Lampshades.

Presenting handmade lampshades in a wide variety of fabrics, designs and colours which can give the refreshing look that you want to create to your room!

Have a look at the never seen before shapes and designs, choose your size and  a lamp that is just the way you like it!                    


All lampshades are handmade using an innovative technique, using thread, metal wire,rice paper, handmade paper, Guaz paper, shoji paper etc, creating a texture that looks beautiful whether it is lit up or switched off, and bringing an uniqueness to each and every piece . Most of the lampshades have metal stands while some have even natural wood stands.Contemporary designs as well as different colors so as to please all moods .


For customised designs & sizes  or for a detailed catalogue ,pls contact us,

Hanging Lampshades

Floor lampshades

Wall Lampshades

Table Lampshades