Natural wood cane crafts

Cane & Wood "no nail" trays


Cane is a wonderful material used in furniture . It can be bent using moisture, heat or steam and retains its shape once dried or cooled. Here you will see creations that has cane treated using water and made to form it around the finest quality of boiling, waterproof plywood to craft wonderful Trays. No nails are used to make these Trays and glue is used to join. It is hand finished using stains and matt polyurethane varnish and spceial technique for joining will ensure that it doesnt come out or fall apart. Designed for everyday use with minimum maintenance for a long time. Simply wipe with a moist cloth and dry it after use.


Natural Wood / Ceramic Mirrors


Never seen before mirrors crafted with slices of natural wood thats treated and handmade ceramic blocks that will simple change the look of any wall and your decor.You can see and feel the grains in the wood as its kept natural.Available in varied sizes and shapes, the fish shaped mirrors are a well appreciated range.Few styles have clocks on the "tail"  side serving dual purpose in one wall hanging.

Tree root table stand/Lampshade stand


Nature at its best for you!When trees are cut or uprooted the root is a natural leftover piece which in rural areas is commonly used as firewood.Here these roots are treated and gets transformed into  beautiful Table base,Lampshade stand, centre table stand and a variety of crafts.Its a natural creation and each one is a true designer piece from nature.They are durable, strong and will always be a object of happiness if you are a nature lover.