"La Flora" 100% Pure ...Natural...Handmade Bathing Bar



"Flora”means the “Plant world".


A SOAP is a daily Medicine for your Skin. Commercial soaps from large corporations called “beauty bars” or Deodorant soaps”,are mostly made up of chemical additives, cheap synthetic detergents & fillers, preservatives, petroleum derivatives, parabens & sulphates and artificial fragrances that can flare up allergies and sensitivities . Using such commercial soaps over time  mostly leaves your skin dried out, or way too oily . If you read the ingredient labels of these commercial soaps /body gels, you can understand this for yourself.


La Flora natural Handmade soap

 It has   a rich, mild, skin-friendly lather soap which rinses away and restores the  moisture in your skin, the largest organ of your body.


Its made using Pure Edible Vegetable oils (Cococnut Oil, Palm oil, Castor oil, Sesame Oil, Neem Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil) and pure Essential oils  ( Orange Oil, lemon Oil, Rose oil, Sandal oil,French Lavender oil etc) that increases the moisturizing effect and gives you a healthy skin.


It contains  locally procured Natural Botanicals like herbs (tulsi/basil, mint etc), fruit peels ( orange peel, lemon rinds)and even flower petals, seeds ,roots(rose petals, annatto seeds, oat meal, apricot, vetriver root  fibre) and luxury butters / oils(Shea butter,Cocoa butter, Kashmiri saffron ,jojoba oil etc) that mildly exfoliates and nourishes your skin .


It has no added  preservatives, no artificial colourants or latherers, no chemical fillers or hardners, no petroleum derivatives, no parabens or sulphates , no triclosan .


No animal testing.No animal products are used . Its certainly a cruelty free Vegan product.


Superior quality  soap  with TFM (Total Fatty Matter) tested to be around   75 % made from scratch which is naturally enriched with glycerin and its Ph balanced.

Not mass produced. Made by an energy efficient , sustainable process causing least harm to environment  and  leaves no trace of any chemical residues whatsoever.


Each batch of  is carefully hand blended, handpoured, handtrimmed and handpacked from our hands to yours.



At every stage  we use Eco friendly techniques to produce these soaps, mostly done by skilled/ unskilled  local  women ,there by encouraging and  supporting their creativity, lives and communities. No Child labour involved.

 Apart from everything said above , we believe that great soaps and real oils are better for us than the chemical laden alternatives. Also to share with you the magic of a  soap bar on which  nature  is allowed to do its gentle wonder for weeks,the beauty of a creation done from scratch by human hands and minds , not machines  .


What is cold process method of curing?                


All natural soaps ,where ever are made with some kind of fat or oil, combined with Lye (Sodium hydroxide) and water . Lye is the alkali that  blends them and it becomes  soap and Glycerine ,and  this process  is  called Saponification. In the cold process method, the soap formed is allowed to rest  for around 6 weeks to cure ,letting  the naturally formed Glycerine to remain in the final soap bar and the  Lye to completely evaporate from the final soap bar. Glycerine is great  skin tonic – it’s  a gentle emollient and  a wonderful humectants.


For more details on the range of fragrances from Jasmine, Lemon to Holy Basi Tulasi & Papaya, for bathing bar for Kids, Men, Speciality Bras, Natural Luxury soaps all from La Flora Natural Soap log on to www.laflorasoaps.com