KalamKari Cotton Bags/ Home Decor items

Kalamkari is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton fabric produced in parts of India ,an ancient tradition. The word is derived from the  Persian words kalam ( pen) and kari ( craftmanship), meaning drawing with a pen.


Anthara Crafts presents a beautiful range of handbags made of  two distinctive styles of kalamkari art fabrics - one, the Srikalahasthi  style and the other, the Machilipattanam style of art.The cotton fabric gets its glossiness by immersing it for an hour in a mixture of myrabalam (resin ) and cow milk. Each fabric can undergo up to 20 washings. Various effects are obtained by using cow dung, seeds, plants and crushed flowers.


To preserve and popularise this thousands of years old Kalamkari art form,, Anthara Crafts  has created stylish Handbags, purses, pouches, home decor items like place mat/napkin sets  made from original handprinted fabric sourced from Kalahasthi & Machilipattan and  designed to project the richness of the fabric and your ECo & Cultural Quotient. These are made  by marginalised rural women teams.


The bags include gift pouches, wedding pouches, handbags, purses, utility pouches,some combining Kalamkari fabric with handwoven straw mats , Assam's Sittalpadi Cane mats and many other natural materials.