Cane & Bamboo Handmade Crafts

              Bamboo a huge grass , grows up to 40 ft  is the fastest growing plant in the planet.  It is the fastest growing canopy for the re-greening of the degrading areas and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stand of trees. Natural bamboo pole is treated with permitted agents to ensure long life. Then this bamboo is shaped into different products with high sensibility to its beauty and functionality.

           These fascinating crafts are handmade by the ethnic people of various tribal areas of Indian states of Orissa, West Bengal , Jharkhand,Assam, Manipur who are trained in mat making & basketry so as to bring them to mainstream  in terms of social & economic terms.Crafts items include a wide range of Home decor & Lifestyle products like Laundry bins, gift boxes, handbags, clocks, flower vases,bread baskets,trays, bangle box, coaster sets,wallets,etc.


                Anthara Crafts is also proud to be assosiated with many NGOs  who are working tirelessly towards the upliftment of thousands of backward tribes of India and to promote the preservation of Magic plant "Bamboo".


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