Exquisite......Handmade.....Ecofriendly ....Lifestyle..Crafts

"Creativity is not the finding a thing ,but the making something out of it after it is found", James Russell Lowell (American poet,1819-1891)


   The word "Anthara" in Sanskrit means "The Difference", "Anthara Crafts" presents an exclusive,unique collection of Handmade, Eco friendly , Upcycled ,Lifestyle Crafts mostly done by members of  marginalised women self help groups, tribal groups and other similar rural communities  using a wide variety of natural materials like Jute,Handmade Paper, organic cotton fabric,Banana fibre, newspaper,stone, wood, dry flowers etc.


The artificial perfection of mass produced ,machine made products has taken over our lives  , but there is a noticeably growing interest amongst  people towards  Handmade,Natural  & indigenous products that indeed enhances their sense of "Social responsibility", "Conscious Living"  and "One with Nature feeling".


For more info /trade enquiries on any of the products or if you need a complete catalogue  , pls contact us.